5 Tips on How to Buy Healthy Kittens


You’re going to spend a lot of time with your new cat, so make sure it’s healthy and happy. Here are some tips for buying healthy kittens.

Know the right time to buy kittens

Before you buy a kitten, it’s important to know the right time to get one. Kittens should be between 8 and 12 weeks old. Any younger than 8 weeks and they won’t be ready to leave their mother; any older than 12 weeks, and they may not bond with you as much as they would with their siblings or parents.

The best time for this is in spring or early summer, when litters are smaller because it’s less likely that there will be more than one male available for sale. If there are two males available in a litter of kittens, chances are good that both will have been neutered already (which means that neither can reproduce).

Look for kittens with clear eyes, a soft coat and pink gums.

  • Check the kitten’s eyes. The eyes should be clear and bright, not cloudy or runny.
  • Feel the coat. The coat should feel soft, not dull or coarse like wire wool.
  • Look at the gums. The skin around their mouths should be pink, not white or grayish blue (a sign of dehydration).

Ask a vet about shots and deworming.

Once you’ve found a reputable breeder, it’s time to ask some questions. Make sure the kittens are up-to-date on their shots and have been dewormed. Ask about testing for feline leukemia and feline AIDS. If you’re going to adopt an older cat, make sure they’ve been tested as well. Your veterinarian can do a more thorough exam than most breeders, so it is important that you get all the information from them that you need before making your decision.

After this point, it’s just about having fun with your new kitten!

Watch for signs of illness once you get the kitten home.

Once you’ve brought your new kitten home, it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of illness.

The best way to check for illness is simply by watching the kitten and making sure that it is acting normally. Be sure that the kitten is active and playful, healthy kittens love to play! If the kitten seems lethargic or weak in any way, then there may be something wrong. Watch for vomiting episodes as well; if the kitten vomits more than once in a day or two, this could mean they are sick. Sneezing can also be an indication of illness; perhaps their immune system has been compromised somehow and need some help from antibiotics or other medications from your vet’s office.

Don’t buy from websites or pet shops that sell mice and fish as well.

You should also avoid pet shops that sell mice and fish. This is because if a shop does sell these animals, it is unlikely to know much about kittens. Also, there are many more bad pet shops than good ones, so it’s better to just stay away from them altogether.

If you do want to buy your kitten from a pet shop (and hopefully this will only be in an emergency), make sure they have lots of cats that look healthy and well cared for. Shop around until you find one like this – they are out there!

You should know how to spot healthy kittens when you go to buy them.

When you go to buy your kitten, remember that it’s not too early or late. You should also know what to look for in a healthy kitten.

When buying kittens, make sure they are:

  • In good health and without any signs of illness (such as sneezing or runny nose)
  • Getting plenty of food and water on a regular basis
  • Clean and comfortable with being handled by people


Remember, the best way to make sure that your kitten is healthy is to do your research. Ask questions about the breeder’s practices, see if they have a vet on call and take your time before buying a kitten from them. You want to be sure that it will be well taken care of when you bring it home so there are no surprises later!

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