Can i feed my dog human food?( 8 foods to feed your dog when your out of dog food)

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As dog owners, we all love our fluffy pet and we wish them long happy life because they make our lives better, happier and maybe even longer!

Doing so, means we have to keep them healthy and strong all the time, and that does not only include them being fed, dewormed, treated when sick and all the basic care formalities everybody knows of.

In order to keep your dog healthy, active and happy, you must pay attention to what you feed it, as its stomach is the first source of sickness.

Dog foods are not always healthy and suitable for all dog breeds, sizes, and ages. Different dog food brands lead to different complications, even the best dog food brands have some side effects. In addition, different breeds have different nutritional demands, which makes it hard to generalize one brand for all breeds.

In the other hand, raw dog food or natural dog food or even some human foods for dogs are basically more suitable for most dog breeds and can even help them grow better than industrial dog food, whether it was wet dog food or dry dog food, or simply any canned dog food.

However, one must keep in mind that not every human food is safe and suitable for dogs, even if you thought it was because apparently, some foods dogs can eat, others dogs cant eat. Some human food seems safe and sound, when in fact it is lethal and extremely toxic for dogs! That’s why we must Always ask Can Dogs Eat!

Can i feed my dog human food?

In the following we have “ 8 foods to feed your dog when your out of dog food These human foods are usually available on your tables, especially in summer. Find out which are safe and okay for your dog to eat, and which are bad news and must be kept away from your dog’s reach.

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