How to Know that Your dog is sick? 7 sick dog symptoms

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Last year my dog died. Grieving the loss of a pet was an awful experience for me, one that I can say I will never recover from. It was partially my fault because I ignored the symptoms and I thought it was temporary! After all,  what was a simple flue led to a high fever and dog death in the end.

69% of people around the world own at least one pet, however, when it comes to taking care of their dogcat or whatever their pet is, only 25 % of them actually look after those pets.

If you are wondering which category you belong to, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you devote some time to take care of your pet; walking it, playing with it or just taking out of its cage- if it’s a hamster or a Guinea pig?
  2. Are you paying attention to the changes concerning its growth and needs as an animal? do you know some sick dog symptoms

Well, if you do that is great. But what if you still can’t tell if your pet is sick or not? What if you woke up one day to find your pet laying there doing nothing unlike its active nature?

What would you do then? Are you going to be one of the 44% of people that don’t even care, pretend that it’s okay, or do you want to be with the other 25% of people that care about their pets as much as they do for human beings?

Pets can’t talk, obviously, but they express their needs and feelings, we only need to listen and watch out for any sick dog symptoms.

“Dogs and cats can not tell us when something hurts Or does not feel good. But the owners that see them Every day will realize when they are not just being Their regular selves”-  Mark Stickney, director of general surgery services at Texas A&M university college of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical sciences.

A pet’s health changes with age. Unfortunately, our pets age much faster than we do. This always leads people to refer the symptoms of their pet being sick to age.

Regardless of your pet’s age, you play an important role in keeping it healthy as possible and Awareness of the symptoms of the most common illnesses is really helpful in reducing the risk of your dog getting worst without you noticing.

Now, there are many symptoms for each sickness, and  they differ from dog to dog, but most dogs share the following symptoms when they are sick.

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