10 Best Cat Toys


It’s important to keep your cats entertained and happy. Cats are naturally curious creatures, so they like toys that encourage them to explore, climb and jump around. We’ve put together a list of the 10 best cat toys for you to try out with your kitty.

Toy #1: Laser pointer

  • Laser pointer

This is a great toy to play with your cat because it can help to exercise them and make them more active, social and independent.

Toy #2: Cat wand

Cat wands are a great way to get your cat moving. If you have a cat who is overweight, or if you’re worried that your cat isn’t getting enough exercise, then this toy can be a great solution. It’s also just fun! You can use it to play games with your cat—for example, chasing around the house with it while they try to catch it. Cat wands are also useful for strengthening the bond between you and your kitty. Your pet will love chasing after this thing (and so will you).

Toy #3: Feather toy

Feather toys are a great way to keep your cat entertained and engaged for hours. Cats love to bat around feathers as well as chase them, so this toy is perfect for cats who like to play fetch or can be used as a wand. Feathers also make excellent teaser toys, so if you want to get your kitty moving around the house while they play with it, this option will be right up their alley!

Toy #4: Cat tunnel

Here are a few reasons why cat tunnels are good for your cat:

  • Cats love to hide and go in and out of the tunnel.
  • Cat tunnels also allow cats to play with them. A common way to use them is with balls, which you can roll around inside the tunnel. Your cat will enjoy chasing these balls, or other things that you toss in there too!

If your kitty likes hiding places, then this toy is sure to be a hit! You might want to get two if you have more than one cat because they definitely won’t want to share one with each other (but don’t worry—they won’t fight over it). These toys are great for cats who like playing solo but also enjoy interacting with people as well; it might just become their favorite place in the house!

Toy #5: Boxes of all shapes and sizes

Boxes are one of the most versatile cat toys you can get. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to make tunnels, hiding places, climbing platforms and scratching posts. You can even get creative with boxes. For example, you could cut out windows in a large cardboard box and place it on the floor so your cat has to jump into it from outside the box.

The best part about using boxes as cat toys is that they’re cheap or free! If you don’t have any lying around at home already then try asking friends if they do – chances are someone will be happy to give them away for free if they aren’t being used for anything else (and if not then maybe ask them if you can buy one).

Toy #6: Interactive feeders

You can make your own interactive feeder with a box and some food.

Your cat will love this toy because it gets to play with the food instead of just eating it.

You’ll need: A box that can be closed on all sides except one and a hole at the top.

Use the box by placing kibble inside, then put your cat’s favorite treat or special food in front of it so they have to push through the opening (or even put their paw through) to get it!

Toy #7: Balls with bells inside

A ball with bells inside is great because it’s a toy that will appeal to almost every cat. The sounds it makes as it rolls can be enticing to cats, especially if they’re interested in chasing down the source of the sound. Some cats will also take interest in playing fetch with you. This can be a good way for you to bond and interact with your cat on their terms!

Toy #8: Squeaky toys

Squeaky toys are great for cats. They are fun, exciting, and can be used to play with your cat in many ways, including hunting and fun. Cats love the sound of a squeak and will chase after these toys as long as they continue to make that noise.

If you want your cat to hunt, squeaky toys are a good option because they can help them practice their skills at catching things that move quickly. This is important because it helps prevent cats from accidentally catching their owner’s hands when trying to catch something else!

You should try using a squeakie mouse toy so your cat can practice stalking its prey without actually hurting anyone else in the house!

Toy #9: Paper bags and toilet paper rolls

  • Paper bags and toilet paper rolls

Cats love paper bags and toilet paper rolls! These are great for them to hide in, sleep on, and play with. If you have any ripped up boxes lying around your house, be sure to give those to your cat too!

Toy #10: Catnip toys

Catnip toys are a great way to stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts. They’re also fun for cats to play with. You can buy a variety of catnip toys in pet stores or make your own. You can even grow your own catnip and make toys from that!


Your cat will love this toy because it’s a unique and fun way of stimulating their hunting instincts. The benefits of playing with these toys include:

  • An increased level of exercise, which is essential for your cat’s health.
  • It can also help reduce stress levels and anxiety in cats if they are suffering from any behavioural issues or have been traumatised by major events like moving house or losing another pet. This is because the toy will bring them comfort as it reminds them of the way their mother would care for them when they were young.
  • They are also great at encouraging play time between multiple cats in the house, giving them social skills that will help them become more confident around other felines and humans too!


So, there you have it; the top ten cat toys for your feline friends. We hope you found this list helpful and enjoyed reading about all the different kinds of toys available for your cats!

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