How To Save Money On Dog Supplies


If you’re like me, your dog is like a child. You want to give them the best of everything, and that can get expensive. But don’t worry! It’s easy to save money on dog supplies by using these tips:

Shop at Chewy

You’re probably familiar with Chewy, but if not, the website is an excellent place to buy dog supplies. They have a large variety of products available at prices lower than Amazon and most pet stores.

Chewy also offers free shipping on orders over $49! If you don’t have time to drive all over town to find what your pup needs, this is an amazing perk. All you have to do is order online and wait for your package to arrive (usually within two days). Plus, they offer a reward program where if you refer friends or share their site on social media channels like Facebook or Instagram using #ChewyCoupons hashtag then they will send 20% off coupons in return!

Shop at Amazon

Amazon has a huge selection of dog supplies, including food and treats. It’s also easy to compare prices on Amazon, as long as you know what you want. The best way to find good deals on dog supplies is by using the search bar at the top of any page on Amazon. You can search for specific products and browse by brands, price ranges and more.

If you have Prime membership (which costs $119/year), you’ll get free two-day shipping on all orders over $35. Even if your order is less than $35, it might still qualify for free standard shipping if it meets certain requirements — such as being sold through an Amazon fulfillment center or having been folded into an eligible bundle (such as Subscribe & Save) when purchased.* If your total order doesn’t meet these conditions but does meet one of Amazon’s minimum purchase thresholds ($25 in non-Prime eligible items), then discounts may still be applied automatically before checkout.* If none of this applies then regular shipping rates apply – but they’re usually pretty reasonable!

Shop at Target

Target is one of the most popular places to shop for dog supplies. They have a great selection, and you can usually find everything you need in one trip.

The best part about shopping at Target is that their prices are very competitive with other stores. They also offer free shipping on orders over $35, which makes buying things online much easier than going out of your way to another store.

One thing I really like about Target’s prices are their discounts on dog food and toys! For example, they offer several different brands of kibble and wet food that cost less than the same items at any other store (including Walmart). You’ll also find that it’s easy to save money by purchasing toys made by makers that specialize in pet products (like Kong) instead paying full price for something off-brand like Nylabone or GoughNuts.

Shop Costco

Costco is a membership-only store, but it’s easy to make up for the cost of membership if you plan on buying more than one item. The list price of many items at Costco is lower than what they are sold at other stores (and sometimes even cheaper than online prices), so when looking at all of your options, Costco may be a good choice in terms of quality and price.

Costco also has an excellent return policy; if something doesn’t work out for you or your pet, you can bring it back for a full refund or exchange within 90 days from purchase date. This makes shopping there much easier because even if something doesn’t work out, there won’t be any hassle when trying to return it!

Save big with Walmart’s subscription service

If you’re looking for a way to save money on dog supplies, Walmart offers a subscription service that makes it easy to get the items you need without having to go out and buy them. By purchasing items in bulk at a lower cost and setting up recurring deliveries, Walmart’s subscription service allows you to get the items you need at even lower costs. This saves time because instead of having to remember what needs replacing or ordering something new each time it runs out, they’ll automatically send it right away without any effort from your end!

Shop Walmart’s clearance section

The best part about shopping at Walmart is the clearance section. You can find a wide variety of products, from dog food to toys to treats, at bargain-basement prices. But be warned: this section moves around frequently and is often difficult to find (it’s not like there are signs that say “Clearance” or anything). Don’t worry though—we’ll tell you where it is!

First off, here’s what we look for in a good deal on dog supplies:

  • It should be low-priced.
  • The product should be well-reviewed (that way you know it won’t hurt your pup).
  • It should be something that’s actually useful for my pup (no point in spending money on something he won’t use).

Buy dog supplies second hand

Another option is to buy used dog supplies. You can check out garage sales, Craigslist, or even thrift stores for second-hand items. This is a great option for finding high quality items at a lower cost than buying brand new ones. Just remember that you should make sure the used item is in good condition before buying it!

If you are worried about safety and not sure whether or not it’s safe to buy used dog supplies, take these steps:

  • Check for damage and wear on any seams, zippers or velcro closures (the more original material there is left on any of those places)
  • Look inside each compartment of the container/bag/pouch (if there are multiple compartments) – if they are torn open then they were likely chewed on by another animal or damaged by mold growth inside them

Avoid dog supply stores

You might think that dog supply stores are the best place to go for deals on dog supplies. But if you’ve ever shopped at one, you know that this isn’t always true.

If you have time to spare and want to save money, consider shopping online instead of going to a store. This can be easier than finding the right item in a crowded store and paying full price at the checkout counter. And while it may take some time for your shipment to arrive by mail or get shipped back when an item doesn’t fit your needs, online shopping offers many benefits over traditional brick-and-mortar retailers:

  • Choice – You’ll find more options online than at any local retailer or kiosk because there are hundreds (if not thousands) of sellers competing for business every day—not just one retailer like Petco or PetSmart!
  • Prices – While most items will cost less than they would if bought from a pet store, many times they will also cost less than what Amazon charges due to lower overhead costs associated with shipping orders directly from warehouses instead of stocking each location individually with boxes full of inventory before selling them off piecemeal throughout its network.”

Using these tips, you will save money on dog supplies.

To save money on dog supplies, you should do the following:

  • Shop online. The best way to save money is to buy your dog supplies online. You can find great deals and discounts on sites like Amazon or, which will allow you to save even more when you sign up for a subscription service that automatically delivers your items each month at an affordable price.
  • Buy second hand from thrift stores or eBay. Many people don’t want to buy their used “stuff” from strangers, but this isn’t true for everything—especially not when it comes down to feeding your pup! If you’re looking for a deal on certain items, try checking out thrift stores first; they often have quality products at low prices because they know people are willing (and able) pay more than retail value if they need something right away or can’t afford something new right now! Also consider buying gently used items through websites like Craigslist or eBay; just make sure everything’s in good condition before committing!


The biggest takeaway is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on dog supplies. You just need to find the right place to shop and know where to look for deals. With this knowledge, you can save big on anything from food bowls and collars all the way up to crates and leashes!

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