25 Best Puppy Food Brands [consumers rated]

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With the advancement of online shopping, there are millions of products available for buyers with a click of a mouse. One of which is Puppy Food. Nowadays there are thousands of Puppy Food Brands to choose from and finding out the best ones is a fairly hard thing to do!

It is nearly impossible to determine what is the perfect puppy food brand, because there are a lot of puppy brands and especially that most of the puppy food brands share a lot of their ingredients, however, the ones they do not share are what makes the difference.

In addition to the appropriate nutrients, the balance of these nutrients is a very important thing to consider.

Puppies are young and still growing dogs, with twice the daily nutritional requirements that a mature dog needs. Puppies are growing and developing rapidly – in their bones, muscles, joints, internal organs and immune system, to name but a few of the developmental needs that are being met by nutrition.- Petmd

Because they are still growing, puppies need a lot of protein to build their bodies and even more fats for producing energy. Usually, a percentage of 30-60% fat to protein is contained in puppy food formulas, in addition to vitamins and minerals required for the puppy to be healthy. We do not advise you to feed your grown dog puppy food because it contains a lot of fats.

After considering dozens of criteria, we determined that The Best Puppy Food Brands for 2018 should contain:

  • No generic animal fats
  • Considerable amounts of meat-based protein
  • Reasonable fat-to-protein percentage
  • balanced carbohydrate content

And absolutely should not  contain:

  • No artificial food coloring
  • No chemical preservatives

As usual, we relied on Amazon’s Costumer Rating as the #1 criteria of classification for the Best Puppy Food Brands for 2018. These classifications weren’t sponsored nor subject to no influence from the following puppy food brands’ owners or whatsoever.

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