We Help Siamese Cats Find Homes


Siamese cats are some of the most beautiful, exotic-looking creatures on Earth. Unfortunately, some of them are forced to live rough lives on the streets and in shelters. We’re here to help find new homes for these homeless cats so they can live their best lives with loving families. So take a minute and read about how you can help us get these gorgeous animals off the streets!

Why are there so many homeless siamese cats?

Siamese cats are one of the most popular breeds in the world, so why are so many homeless?

There are a couple of reasons:

  • Siamese cats aren’t easy to find homes for. This is because they’re pretty particular about their living conditions and they don’t do well in shelters. As a result, you’ll often see them being abandoned by owners who can no longer take care of them properly;
  • Siamese cats are often abused. The term “Siamese cat” has come to refer exclusively to domestic shorthair cats with point coloring (blue eyes or odd-eyed brown/green), but true Siameses have been bred down from an earlier type called Siam native cats—which means that these days there’s no true lineage or genetic diversity among modern-day Siamese breeders; This means that when you see someone walking around with a beautiful blue-eyed kitten named “Siam” it could literally be anything: A Manx mix or even just a regular old housecat!

What is the Siamese cat population like?

8 million Siamese cats live in the United States, making them the most popular breed of cat. This is even more impressive when you consider that there are over 80 million domesticated cats living here.

In the UK, they’re second only to British shorthairs in popularity and are also one of the top ten breeds registered with The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

A good choice for first-time owners and families, Siamese cats have a loyal temperament that makes them easy to train. Their intelligence and friendly nature make them ideal pets for busy households or families with children.

How do you find a new home for a stray cat?

If you have found a stray cat, the first thing to do is take it to your local shelter. The shelter will check for a microchip, scan the cat for a tattoo and give it medical attention if necessary. If no owner comes forward after three days, they will be put up for adoption.

If your local shelter has no room for another cat at this time or does not accept unaltered cats (because of high population numbers), try searching at other shelters in your area. You can also contact local rescue groups who may be able to help directly with fostering or transporting the animal to another facility that needs more space.

You can search online classifieds under “cats” and “free” categories as well as within social media groups that specialize in pet adoptions such as [petfinder](https://www.petfinder.com) and [dogsinneedofhomes](https://www2a2f38c0572e48f7b5-a3d8-40f0-daf9e1da8661).

Siamese cats need their fur brushed every day.

Siamese cats need to be brushed every day. You might think that brushing a cat’s fur is a pointless task, but it’s actually very important for their health. If you don’t brush your siamese cat’s fur regularly, they could get matted and unkempt. They may also develop hairballs if they aren’t given regular baths and regular brushing sessions.

What are some of the challenges with finding new homes for stray cats?

Homeless cats are a challenge to place for a variety of reasons. They can be very shy and territorial, picky about who they let into their homes, aggressive with other animals, sick or injured and in need of medical care, and/or elderly. Even when they aren’t any of those things (and most aren’t), they may have behavioral issues that make it difficult for potential adopters to bond with them.

Keeping your cat indoors is the safest choice.

There are many reasons that keeping your cat indoors is the safest choice. The most obvious benefit of keeping your cat indoors is that it prevents injury and death from things that can be easily avoided. Outdoor cats run the risks of being hit by cars, attacked by other animals, lost, poisoned and injured. If you want to keep your Siamese safe and secure then it might be time to consider an indoor-only lifestyle for your furry friend!

Adopt a siamese cat today because they make great pets!

If you are looking for a new pet, you should consider adopting a Siamese cat. Siamese cats make great pets because they are affectionate, playful and smart. They are very independent and easy to care for. Their low maintenance coat needs only occasional brushing to keep it shiny and healthy.

They are social animals who will be happy spending time with their human family but also appreciate time alone in their favorite spot on the couch or bed (or under it). They love attention from people but can entertain themselves by playing with toys or chasing dust bunnies around the house!

Siamese cats are also hypoallergenic so if allergies run in your family then this may be the perfect choice for you!


We hope this article has helped you understand just why there are so many homeless Siamese cats in the world. With a little bit of information and some compassion, anyone can help out by adopting one of these beautiful animals.

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